Monday, June 15, 2020

orya maqbool jan || Liaquat Ali Khan Se Hafeez Sheikh Tak || harferaz|| 04

Liaquat Ali Khan Se Hafeez Sheikh Tak || orya maqbool jan || harferaz|| 04

orya maqbool jan
#oryamaqbooljan #harferaz #oryamaqbooljancolumn #urdureadings #fortunetech20 #orya maqbool jan column Congress was not ready to give these three ministries. But the viceroy insisted that at least one important ministry must be given to the PML-N, while Rafi-ud-Din Qadwai, a Muslim member of Congress, suggested that the PML-N be given the finance ministry. , They will fail automatically. But Quaid-e-Azam accepted the challenge and Liaquat Ali Khan took over the finance ministry. Our main focus is to provide your best books, articles, and literature in a very good and clear voice

orya maqbool jan

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