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Greater Israel

Greater Israel

Jewish plan of the future and moneyed Muslims….!
While India is preparing for war, the situation in the region is changing rapidly. The global Zionists are trying to prevent the United States from becoming the next superpower by fighting China. On the other hand, if China and the United States start a war, on the other hand, India wish  fight Pakistan, while Israel itself will attack and conquer Turkey and Syria, and in the end, it shall be the only one to declare “Greater Israel” will become a superpower. The US dollar and Saudi oil have already been destroyed, now the era of corrupt currency and bitcoin has begun.
That will be the time, when the Jewish race “Messiah” proclaimed by the Israeli rabbis will come out.
This Jewish Messiah will be a tyrant, which will soon turn the United Nations into a global super government, and then he will enslave the nations by imposing dictatorship on the whole world. His other important task will be to martyr the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine and build the Dajjal’s palace “Temple of Solomon” there. Under this Messiah, Israel will become a superpower, and the Middle East will be destroyed and join Greater Israel, which will include more than half of Saudi Arabia.
Believe it or not, these are not imaginary facts.
We are rapidly moving towards this situation, the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims have become the straw of the flood that about my lord the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that, Even though they would be many in numbers, but they would be swept away by the flood like straw. The infidels will invite each other to attack the Muslims like inviting food to the table.
Isn’t that what is happening today?
ARE NATO countries doing not advice each other to attack Muslim countries?
Didn’t the US invite the infidels to send troops to invade Afghanistan?
The question now is, are we mentally prepared to deal with the future?
The answer is no.
Our nation seems completely unaware of the tricks of the infidels. Our media and our greedy politicians they dance to the tune of the disbelievers. Be it the media or politicians all present the system of infidels as role models, they call their Islamic predecessors narrow-minded.
They have made up their minds that only Jews and Christians can be right A Muslim can never be right; these ignorant foolish Muslims do not know what the infidels are doing. They forget that the accursed Iblis is still alive today and is conspiring to destroy Islam by advising the infidels in a whole new way.
Iblis has no problem with Christianity or Hinduism because he has already gone astray. Its goal now is to eradicate Islam…
Greater Israel

Another important thing.
Some Pakistani journalistic envelopes working for the infidels have now started openly calling it the “New World Order”.
Asma Shirazi recently wrote an article on the BBC urging the nation and the rulers to prepare themselves for the New World Order, saying that we need to get out of the local issues and into the new world order, should fit in time. She could not openly write that we should bow to the Zionists but slowly brainwashing has started. Another journalist has also vehemently supported the New World Order. Let me tell you in advance that these journalists will also do open media talk shows on New World Order in the coming days so that they can make up the minds of the Pakistani nation. These people will tell you that the world needs one world government, one system, one ruler. It will deprive you of the innumerable benefits of the New World Order in its sweet and endearing language so that you wish that this system would be abolished soon, and we would get out of trouble even though as soon as this system is abolished you will enter Pharaoh’s era where Zionist Jews The ruler must have enslaved you like the Israelites. To know how many atrocities Pharaoh committed against the children of Israel, one must read Surah Baqarah with translation and commentary. There Allah is informing you about the Children of Israel and Pharaoh.
Remember the media never tells you the real truth, it only tells what is ordered from above. Regarding the media, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, The companions asked, or the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) did this. He said that incompetent people who speak on the daily affairs of the people.
Dear Muslims!
Remember that forming a world government is a centuries-old agenda of the Zionists, which is also mentioned in the secret documents of the Zionist wise elders in   “The Illuminati Protocols” 
Greater Israel, fortuntech20,
Greater Israel

For this purpose, the first international alliance, the League of Nations, was formed. It was later transformed into the United Nations and now their agenda is to turn the United Nations into a global super government.
Imagine if the United Nations was declared a super government, it’s WHO would automatically become the “Ministry of Health” and then the ministry would order that the whole world be vaccinated and those who would not be vaccinated would be vaccinated by the UN World Police Interpol. Will be picked up by this will be the time of Dajjal dictatorship when Pharaoh will also seek refuge from this oppression.
Also remember that the ruler of this world government will be the only Jewish racist human wolf, about whom the Israeli rabbis have already announced that our Messiah is coming this year.

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