Coronavirus agenda?

What is the Coronavirus agenda? 
It is reported that after the end of the Corona virus epidemic, the United Nations will seek recommendations from various countries on the causes of the Corona virus outbreak and how to prevent it from recurring in the future.
coronavirus agenda

The big countries will explain the reasons....

1. The coronavirus is spread by currency notes.
2. The coronavirus is spread and spread by the accumulation and interaction of people in one place.
3. It is spread by  people traveling from one place to another.

Recommendations for preventing coronavirus......
1. Converting currency notes to digital currency
2. Restrictions on socializing and gathering of people.
3 Insert a microchip into the human body to monitor people's movements

And that is an important part of the New World Order.
Coronavirus agenda
Digitizing the currency will allow the wealth of people all over the world to go to the Jews through banks, which will be headquartered in Israel. The public will only have a credit card, debit card or mobile app. In which they will receive or pay money from other people

That is, the real wealth will be with the Jews, the people will have only digits. It will be possible to monitor the buying and selling of the people. Jihad fund will be closed. Special attention will be paid to those who fund mosques and madrassas. And in the future, Jews will shut down the Internet whenever they want and deprive people of their savings.

That is, there will be a big and modern type of technical robbery that no one has ever committed or seen before in history. People will be deprived of billions of rupees of their wealth. Digitizing the currency will automatically cut government taxes and then governments will increase taxes day in and day out.
Businesses to keep people from coming together and gathering in one place. Education and medical fields will be brought online. Markets, shopping halls, cinema halls, nightclubs, schools, colleges, universities, mosques, madrassas, churches, temples will all be banned.When everything can be found online at home, the need to go out will be less.
 Medical Doing education and business online will bring all three sectors together and will be limited to a few individuals or multinational companies. And millions of locals lost their jobs. Or will be done. Imran Khan is building shelters and anchorages for these people. And it's all part of a plan.

Inserting a microchip into the human body will connect every human being to a computer online. And it will not be impossible to find a human being.Just like you can see Uber or Karim's taxi on your mobile app, in the same way, the identity number of each person will be entered on the app and its location will be known.

Special attention will be paid to those with Islamic minds and those who go for jihad will be arrested.
   Coronavirus agenda
Wars were imposed on countries that did not recognize the New World Order.
And the governments of the countries that gladly accepted the New World Order. But if the people did not accept, then the people of these countries had to endure the hardships of imprisonment through the governments of those countries.

It will be easier for the police of these governments to arrest anyone on charges of coronation. If the whole neighborhood or any family resists, the whole tribe will be arrested and quarantined. Which has been practiced. While other people or people will not resist at all.

The agenda behind the coronavirus is huge and dangerous. A little detail of this agenda has emerged. What is secret is much more. And this is a multipurpose agenda.
Coronavirus agenda

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